Strong Mamas Registration

Prenatal & Postpartum Group Fitness

Preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum fitness training hosted at Mecha Fitness in Boulder. Build stability, strength, mobility and cardio fitness and connect to your core and pelvic floor.
Train for the journey of motherhood! 

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6-Week Sessions

Next Class Series:
Fall 2023
Saturdays 1pm at Mecha Fitness in Boulder

If you do not have an existing Mecha account and the below links do not take you directly to the Strong Mamas purchase page, you may first need to go to the Mecha website and click “Reserve” to create an account and sign the liability waiver.

Benefits of Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness

Increased Stability

Balance your body, build strength, and maintain mobility

Better Mood

Relieve stress and anxiety and feel better in your body

Less Aches & Pains

Learn how to move in a way that prevents pain and injury


Meet other mamas in a similar stage of motherhood

Questions or issues with registration? Email Noelle.