noelle pierrat nutrition consultation

Holistic Wellness Coaching for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Personalized prenatal and postpartum fitness & nutrition coaching to support strength, energy, and health in every stage of motherhood. 

Prenatal & Postpartum Holistic Nutrition Consulting​

Nourishing mothers and babies through individual, optimized nutrition during and after pregnancy. Includes a food journal and health history review, customized nutrition guidance based on essential micronutrient needs for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum, nutrition optimization & recipe ideas. 

noelle pierrat nutrition consulting

Prenatal & Postpartum Personal Training and Group Fitness

A corrective exercise approach to balance and stabilize your body after pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Train functional movements, reduce the risk of injury and regain strength, core and pelvic floor function after birth. Learn the skills to achieve your fitness goals and keep you strong for the daily activities of mom-life!

Supplement Consulting

Stop wasting money on supplements that you don’t need! I create custom supplement recommendations based on the micronutrient needs for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum. Save money by learning which supplements you need and which you really don’t, and enjoy discounts on hundreds of brands!

noelle pierrat doing a pregnancy supplement consultation


The term ‘holistic’ means that I take the whole person into account in order to address their fitness and nutrition needs. We discuss your lifestyle such as sleep, stress, daily habits, and mindset as important to the success of your overall health and wellbeing. As a Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach for pregnancy and postpartum, I work with the whole of each mama rather than only addressing a specific need. 

For group fitness classes and individual fitness coaching, you must be cleared for movement by your practitioner. Private clients can begin doing gentle breathing exercises and core and pelvic floor contractions soon after birth with the approval of their provider. To attend group fitness classes, you must no longer be bleeding. 

Even mamas who have a good handle on their nutrition can benefit from the support of holistic nutrition consulting. Micronutrient needs change during each stage of pregnancy and again after baby is born, and I specialize in identifying specific foods and/or supplements to ensure optimal micronutrient intake, address common pregnancy or postpartum concerns, and help to make sure your meals as high-quality and nutrient dense as possible. 

I ask for 24 hours notice to cancel a fitness or nutrition session, otherwise a fee may be incurred.

Yes! As a client of mine, you will have access to my dispensary in Fullscript and receive a 20% discount on any items in their catalog. 

Book a 15min New Client Information call so that we can connect and discuss exactly what you want, assess what you need, go over any questions that you have and determine the best next step towards working together. 

Yes! Resources page is coming soon, in the meantime feel free to reach out with any needs and I’ll point you in the right direction.

At this time, fitness sessions can be done in person at your home, at Mecha Fitness in Boulder, CO, or virtually. Nutrition sessions are done virtually unless they are accompanied by an in-person fitness session.

Nurturing Strong Mamas, Happy Babies, & Resilient Families

Mothers need mothering, too. Let’s work together to create your healthy, happy pregnancy and beyond!

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