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Noëlle Pierrat helps women connect to their center of strength during their childbearing years and beyond through personalized prenatal and postpartum fitness training.

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baby body

For women preconception through anytime post-birth. Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise , Prevention and Fitness Training, and Core Rehabilitation.

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Online + In-Person Training

Private + Semi-Private Live Sessions, or workout when & where you want with a custom program delivered straight to your email or device.

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Zoom Classes

Keep up your motivation with live group classes every week. Classes are donation-based and available live on zoom or recorded on YouTube.

Featured Classes

mecha | Boulder

Monday 10A / 11A Resistance 
Saturday 9A / 10A Resistance

Mecha’s RESISTANCE classes follow the Lagree Fitness method, which borrows elements from Pilates to create a zero-impact, no-rest, 50-minute experience. We use the Megaformer machine to build deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury. Various types of lunges, planks, and pushing and pulling moves are part of every class. 

Corepower Yoga | north boulder

Friday 10:45A Hot Power Fusion
Friday 12:30P Yoga Sculpt
Wednesday 12:30P Yoga Sculpt
Wednesday 2:00P C2

CorePower Yoga shares the transformative power of yoga with every mind, every body, everywhere. With almost 200 locations in 21 states and virtual livestreaming and video on-demand classes, we offer a physically intense workout that is rooted in the mindfulness of yoga.

Zoom Yoga Sculpt: Temporarily Cancelled

Based in yoga with the addition of weighted exercises and high intensity cardio bursts, Yoga Sculpt is an upbeat and energetic class that will blaze through those COVID-19 snack binge calories. Grab free weights (or water jugs or soup cans) and put on your favorite tunes, or follow along to the shared playlist. Get ready to sweat!

Strong mamas pre+postnatal Group fitness - tbd

A safe and effective class specifically for the pre and postnatal body. Strong Mamas may utilize free weights (or cans, books, water jugs, whatever you have!), mini resistance bands and body weight to develop deep core and pelvic stability and promote optimal function in exercise and activities of daily life. Mamas at any stage of motherhood and physical ability welcome! 


Lisa Waldo Headshot

I have had the pleasure of knowing Noelle for 15 years. The enthusiasm and energy that she brings to her classes is contagious, I always leave knowing that I had an incredible workout. Due to working in the healthcare field I had to shift my workouts during the pandemic. Noelle has been a game changer for me, and tailors our one-on-one sessions to my individual fitness goals. I have deeply appreciated her conscientious attitude with following COVID guidelines. She is a true gift to the fitness and yoga community, and I trust her work 100%. Her commitment to supporting pregnant and postpartum women is unparalleled. I feel so lucky to work with her personally and professionally!

Lisa Waldo, Founder of Balanced Beginning Doulas

Sophia Miller

Noëlle is a pillar of strength in the movement + mindfulness community. Her creativity, level of care for students, and passion for health radiate out of every pore of her being. Whether you are looking for safe space to be held for your tender heart to land in, or simply seeking a sweat-drenched experience, Noëlle offers an unmatched holistic experience.

Sophia Miller, Yoga Instructor

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All new clients begin with a 75min Initial Evaluation ($110). 

From there, we can select a program that best fits your schedule and goals.

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Prenatal/Postpartum or General Fitness

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Little to No Equipment Needed

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Prenatal/Postpartum or General Fitness

Customized Program Delivered to Your Device

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Prenatal/Postpartum or General Fitness

Custom Online + 6 Live Sessions

Exercise Videos

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